Top 10 Benefits Of Dance Lessons

Everyone has seen a movie where someone shamefully admits that they don't know how to dance. Some of these scenes end in a montage where the person is learning to dance and all of a sudden, life is beautiful and fun. These happy moments don't just have to happen on TV. Here are some of the main reasons you should enroll in dance lessons in Erie, PA.

Have Fun Exercising

One of the biggest benefits to dance is that it is fun but it is also exercise. Many people who do not like exercise or who have problems really participating in physical activity find that dance provides an outlet for them that doesn't feel like exercise but still has all the health benefits.

Improve Strength and Flexibility

When you enroll in dance lessons, you may be surprised at how quickly you start to notice a difference in your strength and flexibility.

Find a New Hobby

Dance is a great hobby that is available wherever you are. Everywhere you go, whether you are on a business trip or on vacation and need to let loose, there will be somewhere you can go to dance. Dance is a great hobby because of its physical, mental, and emotional health benefits in addition to just being really fun to do.

Makes You Smarter

Studies have actually shown that dance improves cognitive acuity no matter what age you are. Furthermore, one study has indicated that dance was shown to increase mental acuity in patients with dementia by over 75%.

Reduce Stress

It has long been known that exercise in general reduces stress, but dance specifically has been shown in several research studies to greatly reduce stress. As you combine music with physical activity, the rhythm of moving your body with the music has been shown to have powerful stress reduction effects on the body.

Increase Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem

As you learn to dance and learn to move your body in different ways, you will feel an increase in self-confidence and self-esteem. There is something emotionally empowering about dance that simply cannot be achieved in any other way.

Express Yourself Creatively

Music can be a great way to express yourself creatively if you are not able to find a way to explain or work out your emotions. Dance can be a very effective way to release both negative or positive energy. This may be why so many celebrations involve dance, such as weddings, graduation parties, and more. This is also why it feels so much better to dance when you are feeling angry or frustrated.

Fight Depression

Dance is above all an emotional experience. You may be surprised to find as you learn to dance and as you participate in dance often, either in your classes or on your own, how purifying dance can be when you are feeling depressed or upset. Dance is naturally stress reducing and as you dance, you will find that it is much easier to cope with difficult situations and feelings.

Get Out of Your Head

Everyone has had those days where everything feels frustrating and perhaps nothing seems to be going well. Dance can be a great way on these days for you to just get out of your own head and force all of your energy into something else. When you are having a bad day, try dancing to forget about it for a while and leave it behind. You might be surprised at how quickly you are able to cast it out of your mind and just think about the dance steps.

Make New Friends

Last but not least, dance is a great way to make new friends with common interests as well as people who you would not ordinarily get to meet. People from all walks of life are now seeing the potential benefits of dance lessons in Erie, PA. Dance is above all a social activity. You are interacting and dancing with people from all over with all different kinds of stories, and it can be a great way to make new close friends.